Solid Timber Decking

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Timber decking can be used in a number of ways: as part of garden landscaping, to extend living areas of houses, and walkway of swimming pool.

Durability of timber decking is the main concern of house owner. Especially, we have the extremely hot weather in Malaysia & always raining.

Here are some common timber species for Chengal, Belian (Not available anymore), Balau.

For timber deck, we usually recommend Chengal Timber. Why? Because it is #1 in Malaysia.

Yeah, Wikipedia say that.

Belian also another alternative choice for decking. Belian is very durable timber which even better than Chengal. The supply is limited, and it also known as Borneo Ironwood.

With proper selection of timber and good installation, your decking can last for many decades.

(Checklist for select timber decking)

Our decking since Year 2016, will be Kiln Dry. Most of the Malaysia timber material for outdoor is not Kiln Dry. Their reason is the humidity of outdoor is high, that is no point to dry up the wood which is not truth.

When we cut down the green tree, moisture content of the wood is about 40%. Our outdoor humidity is about 16-20%. To gain strength and stability, wood must be below 20% MC (Moisture Content). Kiln Dry is always better way rather than Air Dry (leave wood outside let it slowly dry up below 20%MC). Air Dry process take 3-6 months depend on thickness and condition.

If timber is not dry enough, it will have problems of cupping, bend & twist.

beading, cupping

One of the most common species for decking is Balau. From my experience, I HIGHLY NOT RECOMMEND using Balau as timber decking or fencing. First, because it shrinkage is over 3.7%, it is easy to wrap or bend. User always see problems coming after 1-2 years. Rotted is the common issue. Sapwood of Balau is very easy get rotted. After 5 years of installation, owner are likely to re do the decking or replace it by tiles.

Unless Balau is well cut by quarter sawn, proper Kiln Dry and SAP FREE . Quarter sawn, is uncommon to be used in Malaysia local market. It create more wastage, supplier have to sell it at higher price (which you already can buy Chengal at that price). Most of the outdoor used timber are not KD, usually most of them are air dry.

With our 40 years experience in timber industry, we help you to select the proper timber for your outdoor decking.

Good news!

We provide supply and installation for both individual house and project. MOQ is 200 sf.

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