Timber Skirting

Timber Skirting

Sizes & Species , Profiles, Functions,

Dimension of Skirting:

Common Thickness are 12mm, 14mm, 18mm
Common Width are 70mm, 93mm, 120mm, 140mm

In PROJECT BQ always show 75mm & 100mm width.
The timber raw material sold by inches. 3″ (75mm), 4″ (100mm). After Kild Dry and machining, the size will definitely become smaller.
75mm ==> 70mm,
100mm ==> 93-95mm

Common Species: Red Meranti, Nyatoh, KSK (Kembang Semangkok)

If you want to get some idea of profile of skirting. please clicks Timber Skirting Profiles 

Timber Skirting is not only for decorative purpose.

Here are some functions of timber skirting:

Skirting Installation
1) Cover the gap between timber floor & wall: Timber floor will expand and shrink due to the changing of room temperature & moisture. An experienced installer will keep enough space for flooring expansion. Too little gap could caused the flooring problem — popping.
hardwood-floor-problems popping

2) Protect the wall while you mopping the floor.